Verbal abuse is the use of words to cause harm to the person being spoken to.

It is difficult to define and may take many forms. Similarly, the harm caused is often difficult to measure.

The most commonly understood form is name-calling

but verbal abuse may consist of;

  • Shouting,
  • Insulting,
  • Intimidating,
  • Threatening,
  • Shaming,
  • Demeaning, or
  • Derogatory language, among other forms of communication.

Perpetrators of verbal abuse often misuse their authority and prey on those in a subordinate or weaker position.

Victims of verbal abuse are often told they are to blame for the abuser's behavior and may be reluctant to take action to end the abuse.

Verbal abuse may lead to;

  • Stress,
  • Depression,
  • Physical ailments, and other damage.

If you have experienced any of these actions or know of others that have, do not hesitate to contact us on 01270 250390.

In an emergency situation, ALWAYS contact the Police.