If you feel that an argument is going to take place;

  • Try to move to a room with exit doors so you can escape outside.
  • Do not lock yourself in a bathroom if there is no means of escape.
  • Avoid kitchens or tool sheds as sharp objects or tools could be used as weapons.
  • Try not to carry out actions which may escalate an argument.
  • Speak in a calm and confident manner.
  • Try not to show fear.
  • Keep a safe amount of space between yourselves.
  • Consider teaching children how to use the phone to summon assistance if a violent incident occurs.
  • If you can confide in neighbours, ask them to summon assistance.
  • If you have to escape, ensure you have a safe place to go.

If your partner no longer lives with you but you are afraid of them returning, consider improving your domestic security by:

  • Changing the locks on all external doors.
  • Keep the doors locked at all times and remove the keys.
  • Have smoke detectors fitted.
  • If activated these should allow you sufficient time to locate the door keys.
  • Ensure you have suitable window locks.
  • If possible have a door viewer fitted
  • A strong, robust door chain should be installed
  • Consider having perimeter lighting installed and positioned at a suitable height to avoid it being tampered with
  • Have an alarm system fitted, which can include a panic device 

Leaving your home should be seen as a last resort. Consider court action to evict your partner from the premises. If you feel that you are in a situation where you must leave then take the following items if you possess them. If possible have them located in one place, as you may have to leave in a hurry.

Remember, you may not be able to gain access back into the property.

  • Money (all Benefit books/bank statements if benefit paid into bank account)
  • Social Security Cards & Court Orders
  • Cheque book & Account details
  • Bank/Credit cards
  • House deeds (Agreements/Payment books/Insurance certificates)
  • Personal Medication (Prescriptions/Appointment Cards)
  • NHS card
  • Birth certificate/s
  • Photo ID (Passport/s & Driving Licence)
  • Clothes/Toys for children
  • Keys (house/car)
  • Photographs
  • Jewellery

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Personalised Safety Plan

  • The more preparation you carry out the safer you will be.
  • Having a suitable escape plan could save your life.
  • Try and ensure you have a safe place to go.
  • It may not be best to tell your partner you are leaving as they will probably try and stop you, which may lead to aggression and violence, as it will mean your partner will no longer be able to have control over you.

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