Cheshire Without Abuse is an award winning provider of specialist domestic abuse services. We offer a whole family, whole journey service that works with adults, children and young people who are affected by domestic abuse, both victims and perpetrators.

At CWA we actively encourage independent researchers to look at our work and use our service in developing their research. We are a busy service with competing priorities so, with this in mind, we ask research students and organisations to consider the following questions prior to any discussions: 

  1. What is the aim of your research?

  2. Is your research ethically sound? How can you demonstrate this?

  3. Will staff, volunteers and most importantly, clients be involved directly?

  4. How much time will CWA staff need to put into your project?

  5. Will your research add any value to our work?

  6. Will CWA and any participants have access to the finished research?

  7. Could your work trigger emotional distress in our clients?

  8. How would we work together to mitigate this? 

We look forward to hearing from any individual or organisation with an interest in our work.

Please get in touch, in the first instance, with:

Saskia Ritchie

Chief Executive

Cheshire Without Abuse

01270 250390

[email protected]