Positive You

What is it? 

A 10 week course aimed to improve confidence, self esteem and belief in self. To give candidates a more positive view of themselves and the life that they now lead.

Who would benefit?

This is a wide reaching programme which most women would benefit from. Those who would like to improve confidence, self esteem,
assertiveness, communication with others, budgeting and feelings of guilt.

Who delivers it? 

Probation (Angela McGuiness) & Cheshire Without Abuse (Amy Kettle)

Where does it run? 

At the Lily Jones Support Centre in Crewe.

How long is it? 

10 week (rolling programme) 2 hrs per week (Tuesday PM)

Who would refer?

Any service who is working with a woman directly affected by Domestic Abuse whether current or historical. We also accept self referrals for this course.

How to refer? 

Using the short referral form on our website www.cheshirewithoutabuse.org.uk/refer, by emailing [email protected]
or calling the office on 01270 250390.

What does it cost?

This course is free.

Who to contact? 

Contact Caroline Coles, Training and Admin Officer at [email protected] or calling the office on 01270 250390.