You’re part of a huge team that’s making a real difference to people affected by domestic abuse

So much of what we do relies on donations and fundraising

We simply would not be here without supporters like you

So, you have the right to know you can trust us to be fair, honest, and treat you with respect.

When you give to Cheshire Without Abuse, we give you our word that your money will help make a difference to a life that is affected by domestic abuse

You can expect

  • To not feel under pressure to give more or more frequently than you want
  • To choose how we contact you and change this at any time
  • To know how we are using your donation to help people affected by domestic abuse
  • Us to be clear about who we are and what we do
  • Us to be transparent about our fundraising costs
  • Your personal details to be safe and secure
  • To tell us when something’s wrong and we’ll put it right if we can
  • To hear about the difference you’re making, with a big THANK YOU from us

We promise

  • We’ll make sure our fundraising is legal and follows best practice
  • We’ll be clear, honest, and open
  • We’ll always use the Fundraising Regulator Code of Fundraising Practice as our minimum standard and go beyond it where we can
  • We’ll make our annual report and accounts easy to understand
  • We’ll keep your details safe and never sell or swap them
  • We’ll use your details in the way you have agreed to and only tell you about things we think you may be interested in
  • If things do go wrong, we’ll listen, act, and learn
  • When things go well, we’ll try to do even better - so please tell us if you like something we’ve done
  • We’ll tell you how you’re donations are helping to change lives
  • We’ll be clear about who we are and what we do for people affected by domestic abuse and how we can support everyone who needs us