What is it?

A twelve session group programme for children, aged 8-13, who are at risk of developing patterns of abusive behaviours.

Why is it needed?

Jigsaw is for children whose lives have been affected by domestic abuse. Domestic abuse harms children. It doesn’t matter if they experience it directly, witness it between parents or live in an environment of fear; the impact is damaging and can be long term.
Children and young people often feel:

• Powerless because they can’t stop the abuse
• Confused because it doesn’t make sense
• Angry because it shouldn’t be happening
• Guilty because they think they’ve done something wrong
• Afraid because they may be hurt
• Sad because they see someone they love hurt
• Alone because they think it is only happening to them.

Aim of Jigsaw

To provide a service that gives children who have lived with domestic abuse opportunities to share their experience in an environment, which is safe.

Impact of Jigsaw

• To strengthen/improve self esteem
• To enhance self protection skills
• To explore a non abuse problem solving approach
• To have fun
• To learn ways to express feelings
• To reduce isolation

Who delivers it?

The Cheshire West & Chester Educational Psychology Team

Where does it run?

At different venues across Cheshire East

How long is it?

2 hours per week for 12 weeks

Who would refer?

Anyone working with survivors of domestic abuse. We also accept self referrals for this course

How to refer?

By calling the Educational Psychology Team on 0151 337 6820 or by email; [email protected]

What does it cost?

This course is free

Who to contact?

Contact the Educational Psychology Team on the details above