Our ambitious vision is of a healthy community where adults and children can live free from the fear of domestic abuse

To achieve our vision, we will work tirelessly, striving towards our three core goals:

  • You:
    • People: Our charity works with the whole family, and gives support for each personal journey focussing on outcomes and needs.
  • Us:
    • Organisation: We promise to deliver continuous improvement and quality to our services.
  • Everyone:
    • Partnerships: To work collaboratively to improve outcomes for local families.

Client voice and involvement is central to all of our work, new developments, and future focus.

We achieve success by building strong and positive partnerships where we are respected and able to challenge.

Challenge must come from a position of strength which is why we focus on learning and continuous development as a core mission.

Our Behaviours reflect our values

CWA values have been developed over many years and are reflected throughout our work, our plans and our approach.

We are recognisable through the culture and values of our organisation, committed to equality and dedicated to our work.

The six behaviours in this framework are how we put these values into practice; creating a culture that is supportive, satisfying, and successful.

Our values make us unique. We embrace and value:

  • Safety Safeguarding is our core priority
  • Choice Adults are free to make their own choices
  • Accountability Adults need to be accountable for their own behaviour and choices
  • Empowerment/Autonomy Supporting clients to empower themselves and be independent
  • Diversity/Equality We aim to remove barriers to engagement with our services
    • Collaboration – With clients, professionals and one another
    • Learning – Continuous learning and development
    • Change – We embrace and seek positive change for our clients and our organisation
    • Prevention – We value prevention above intervention and seek opportunities for preventative work