IDVA (Independent Domestic Violence Advocates) Services

IDVA Services are staffed by specialist caseworkers and supported by specialist volunteers. These workers will help you to decide what action you want to take and the support and help that feels right for you. IDVAs often support survivors through the criminal justice system, if you choose to report the crime, and co-ordinate health and support services.

Floating Support

We also offer a Floating Support Service, which is there to provide aftercare to families who are re-housed within the local area, together with families already living in the community, who are referred to us by other agencies. This support can be for up to 2 years. We provide practical and emotional support to enable them to maintain their tenancies and lead an independent life. The support centre also allows the team to organise support group meetings, homework clubs, networking functions, training activities, etc.

Work With Other Agencies

We will work with other agencies to co-ordinate help and support. When concerns about your situation are serious this may include discussions at a Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conference. We will work on your behalf to make sure that all other agencies involved understand the risks you are experiencing and what they should be doing to help.

Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conference (MARAC)
What is a MARAC?

Where there are serious concerns for your safety (and your children's safety), your case may be referred to the MARAC. This is a regular meeting where all the agencies meet to ensure that everyone is fully informed and works together. The aim of the MARAC is to make you (and your children) safer and agencies will put forward actions to try to assist you.

Agencies in a MARAC include, amongst others; housing, health, probation and the police. Cheshire Without Abuse attends the MARAC on your behalf to make sure that your views and wishes are represented and to advise on things that may need to be done.