What is it?

The Engage Programme is for people who have displayed harmful behaviours within an intimate relationship and would like to make changes. 

Why is it needed?

The Engage Programme assesses the risk of the individual over a specified period of time and offers therapeutic and practical support to create lasting changes and improvements in abusive behaviours. This bespoke, therapeutic support is available to create a culture of change, which ultimately promotes safer outcomes for children and victims.

Who delivers the programme?

Facilitated by Cheshire Without Abuse with an Engage trained team

Where does it run?

Please enquire 

When does it run? 

Please enquire

Who can refer?

Please call the Domestic Abuse Hub on 0300 123 5101 if you wish to discuss a case or make a referral

What does it cost?

Free if the referral is from the Cheshire East, or Warrington area. If not, a price list is available on request

Who to contact with queries?

The Domestic Abuse Hub on 0300 123 5101