"But I love him"

There are many reasons you may choose to be with your partner and many more reasons why you love him but violence is not an expression of love. 

"I'm pregnant. He said he'd change"

30% of domestic violence either starts or will intensify during pregnancy. 

"Is the abuse my fault?"

Put simply - NO - violence is a choice and the abuser alone is responsible.

Try speaking with someone you trust or an organisation like Cheshire Without Abuse about what is happening to you. They can help you identify your situation and let you know your options.

"What if I don’t want to split my family up?"

This is a common worry for people experiencing domestic abuse. Ending a relationship will impact on children, but research shows that children living in families where domestic abuse is present are at a much greater risk of both physical and emotional abuse. Ensuring that you and your children are physically and emotionally safe is the priority.

"I’m frightened that if I do anything, it will get worse"

Violence and threat within your relationship this can be intensified if there are children in the household. If you’re experiencing domestic abuse, Cheshire Without Abuse and other specialist agencies can help you to think through your options and safety plan to ensure that, whatever decision you make, there are safeguards and support in place for you and your family members.

"I’m scared that I couldn’t cope if I left"

Many people who experience domestic abuse worry that asking for help means that they’ll be expected to leave their abuser. If you do decide to leave, we can help you to source financial, housing, health and legal support for yourself and educational support for your children. If you do not, we can try to help keep you safe: safety planning is important and we will help you to build your support network and take action to keep you and your children safe.