Domestic abuse exists in many different forms*. Although some can be hard to identify, recognising certain behaviours or actions could prevent or stop the abuse.

Have you noticed the any of the following in a friend or member of your family?

Remember; it's ALWAYS good to talk.

Pressure Tactics

  • Have you noticed a friend's partner sulking when they don't get their own way?
  • Do they disconnect or destroy mobile phones, tablets or laptops if they get angry?


  • Is a family member persistently put down in front of other people by their partner?
  • Does their partner refuse to listen or help with childcare or housework simply because they do not wish to do it? 

Breaking Trust

  • Have you noticed lies or jealousy creeping in?


  • Do you no longer see your friend? Even though you were close?
  • Do you feel they are also neglecting their friends and family?


  • Are your relative's texts and mail checked 'just in case'?

ALL of these behaviours are concerning. 

But what can you do?

Sometimes abuse is hard to admit; your friend may tell you nothing is wrong, a family member may blame themselves. 

*a more comprehensive list is available here